Trampoline Shoes

European Trampoline Shoes are recognized to be the best shoes in the world by Olympians, World and European Champions.

Contact: 513-779-8808 for info.

$35.00 a pair
Team Orders Available
Shipping Cost: 1-5 pairs = $5.00
6-10 pairs = $10.00
Overnight = $20.00

See below for instructions on how to order

Directions on how to order

    1. Have your child stand on a standard sheet of paper
    2. Use a pencil to trace the outline of their foot.  Make sure when you are tracing their foot the pencil is held at an angle in order to get a more accurate tracing.
    3. On the same piece of paper include your name and a telephone number where we can reach you at in order to confirm the order and obtain payment.
    4. Fax the foot tracing and information to Kristi’s Tumbling and Trampoline at 513-779-8861.